Jackie Raath from Women in Motion was invited on a two night stay holiday at Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge by Amanda Rennie, who won this competition through Far & Wild Safaris. Here’s what Amanda had to say about her experience there:


Hi there everybody! I feel honoured to share my wonderful experience had at Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge. This amazing five star lodge was all that! Jackie and I joined a family of four and another couple from Newcastle. It was great to get to know new people and, of course, it made it all the more enjoyable when going on Game Drive’s. Here’s my two days of being spoilt and treated:


Although it gets rather cold in the evenings, the weather was great for this time of year (July). In fact, being on the Game Drives we all got a little sunburnt! Jackie and I arrived early on a Saturday afternoon and enjoyed a well presented, tasty High Tea. After our waitresses took our dinner order we went on a Game Drive. This is my favourite thing, as you never know what you going to see and experience! We saw a lot of wildlife, which was such a special experience! We got really close up to an Elephant, Buffalo, many Impala (which they nickname Mickey D’s – because of the M on their bums!), Giraffe, Zebra, Kudu, Warthogs, Hyena & even a Secretary Bird perched at the top of her tree. We even got to see Lions & Lionesses with their cubs after they had just killed a Nyala! Within the Game Drive we parked and got served a beverage of our choice and a little snack. With a beautiful view and a glass of wine and great company, a girl can’t ask for anything more picture perfect!



After a good three and a half hours Game Drive and a camera loaded with great pictures, we went back to the lodge and got ready for our dinner. I chose the fillet steak meal, wow that was amazing! Crème Brulee for dessert was a winner too. After a warming glass of Sherry we all retired to our beds, knowing that it was an early morning for the next Game Drive.


Waking up at 5:30am the next morning was hard as the bed was so comfy and warm! But we all made it for the early morning Game Drive at 6:30am. A lovely cup of coffee was enjoyed by all before we left and with hot water bottles for our laps on the Game Drive, we were all warm and comfortable. We saw a lot of wildlife again and stopped for another coffee (with Amarula) at another wonderfully scenic spot in the Nambiti Game Reserve. On the way back we saw a whole “pod” of hippo coming out the water and baking in the sun. What a sight that was! Just so spectacular and again, many a photo was taken. After another 3 or 4 hours in the bush we were taken back for a lovely cooked breakfast – egg, bacon, sausage, mushroom, beans, anything you choose. All meals were so well presented and absolutely so tasty. The Sunday was such a lovely day, sun shining and one could see for miles. It was great to take time out and relax at the lodge. Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge has a wonderful Spa, it’s something a lot of us didn’t get to do, but it will definitely be on the list next time we go. It really does look great.



We all decided to do the afternoon Game Drive on the Sunday, but decided to give the next morning Game Drive a miss and sleep in before we left. The second afternoon Game Drive was just as fabulous.   We stopped for an afternoon beverage at a lovely view and catch up with the other people on the Game Drive. We were with such a lovely bunch of people and hope we do cross paths again. On the second dinner, I decided to go with the Salmon dish and again, I wasn’t sorry. It was so delicious and well presented.




After another glass of Sherry we all went to bed. It was great to sleep in the next morning, what a good night’s sleep I had! After getting ready we were served another cooked breakfast before leaving. I had such a wonderful experience for these two days, the Game Drives, the relaxing times, the service, the wonderful food and wine (and Sherry), will not be forgotten. I will definitely be visiting again! Thank you so much to Far and Wild Safaris for organizing this amazing competition and thank you to Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge for sponsoring this wonderful experience!



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